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44 thoughts on “Tour

  1. Erica says:

    You guys are fantastic! I saw you in Chicago and can’t stop listening to your CDs 🙂 You should consider coming to Indiana…not that I minded the 4+ hour drive you see you and Ben Folds!

  2. whitney kevern says:

    I saw you in Salt Lake City with Dashboard Confessionals and I am super pumped for when you come back! I have already told tons of friends about you guys and they are excited to see you live, and jammin on stage!

    • Ashley says:

      My husband and I saw you in SLC too and LOVED you! We also can’t stop listening to your cds and my husband LOVES spoon. Please come back to Utah very soon!! We miss you here. 😦

  3. akoni says:

    when are you coming to boston

  4. Heather B says:

    I saw you guys on the tour w Dashboard, Y’all were awesome, remember me in the front with the red lipstick? LOL

  5. kevinlieb says:

    Where can I find tour dates???

  6. Ben says:

    Dudes… Come play Hole in the Wall in Austin again dudes! I noticed you have a few days in oct after Dallas… Hit me up at

  7. MIke says:

    You guys were great in Myrtle Beach!!! Come back to South Carolina soon.

  8. shaine says:


  9. J and T says:

    We saw you on tour with Guster when you stopped in Columbus.. You guys are so good, so talented. Can’t stop listening to your music.. We feel like we are walking around with a great secret and we have to tell. Looking forward to seeing you when you pass through Columbus on this tour.. Still looking for a date for the show.. J and T

  10. Alexandra says:

    Loved seeing you guys here in Calgary! You’re all amazing. I didn’t have any cash last night, but I’m buying tonight. I told all my friends about you too, spreading the word around! I’ll definitely be going to see you guys again if I ever have the opportunity. Best of luck, and enjoy your time in Canada! Eat fuzzy peaches and stop to marvel at the obscenely long line for Tim Horton’s coffee in the mornings!

    P.S. Dan, you are IDENTICAL to my student math teacher Mr. Ha, right down to the hair, glasses, and clothing!

  11. markus says:

    HAMBURG/GERMANY wants a gig! So please take all your money and take a flight to europe’s most beautiful city!

  12. Mathilde Alice Piron says:

    When in France !!! I would like see your band (:

  13. Jessica says:

    Where can I find your tour information??

    • ladydanville says:

      late late response. sorry. it’ll be on our facebook and myspace page (when the tours exist). we’re gonna be recording our full length before we get back on the road though, so hopefully in the spring or summer we’ll be back out there!

  14. Allyson says:

    hello! I saw you guys at Kutztown University with Jack’s Mannequin and met you guys at the pub after. Great group and hope you can make your way back to the east coast soon. I can’t wait for the new EP!

  15. Kyle says:

    You should come back to Grand Rapids on your next tour! I really enjoyed your opening for Jack’s Mannequin. I’ve been hooked on your EP’s ever since.

  16. Justin MuthaFuckin Stone says:

    Had a great time at your show in Vegas a couple of months ago. Come back to Vegas!!!

  17. Ali Jaw says:

    When are you coming to D.C.?!

  18. Allijah Motika says:

    Your new EP is fantastic. Can’t wait to hear more! Also, are you guys coming to the east coast again? I saw you in Asheville, NC and can’t wait for the next show

    • ladydanville says:

      We’ll definitely be back on the east coast. Did you see us at the Orange Peel? I loved that place. Gigantic (slightly scary) fan overhead, right? Can’t wait to come back!

      • Yeah I saw you at the Orange Peel. Came to see Jack’s Mannequin and now I listen to you guys more than I listen to them. That fan is seriously scary. I’m excited for your return to Asheville!

  19. Josh says:

    Saw you guys last year when you came to San Luis Obispo, CA with Jack’s Mannequin!
    You were great, can’t stop listening to your music!

    I might see you again this summer if you stop by California when you tour with Jack’s.

  20. Cole says:

    Is there any update on when y’all are gonna tour again?? Maybe in the State of Florida??

  21. ladydanville says:

    We hope we can talk to you two at the merch room in tampa next time too!

  22. Sophie says:

    Absolutely obsessed with you guys here in England! You sound very ‘Britpop’ which I hope is a compliment to you! I’m not sure I can wait long enough for you to come here and gig but me and my buddy are heading travelling around the states in June and July. Any chance of catching a live show… anywhere?!

  23. Taryn Huston says:

    Come to upstate New York, please?
    Anywhere around Albany or Clifton Park would be AMAZING ❤

  24. Amara says:

    Come back to Vancouver, BC!! Dancing in the shower to your music just isn’t enough! 😛

  25. Laurel says:

    Can you guys please come to Chicago or Nashville? I listen to your music non stop and my brother says you were amazing in concert. I would love to see a live performance.

  26. Rachel says:

    Cant wait until you guys are on tour again! Any change you’ll come to Asheville NC again? Or maybe just NC would still be wonderful ❤ Love you guys

  27. Allijah Motika says:

    I agree, Asheville anytime? North Carolina misses you!

  28. Natasha says:

    Hi, I live in Australia. I’ve been listening to your songs on loop ever since last week when I accidentally discovered you guys on Youtube. When is the band planning to come down south??

  29. Sparrow says:

    ^Agreed. Thanks, youtube, for my discovering your awesome music. I know it seems really small, but try playing the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk Amphitheater in Hollywood Florida. Literally, right on the beach, a really nice (and small) pizzeria next to the few rows of seats. Its outdoors. And very extremely small. But hey, sometimes you gotta chill out and play really small gigs.

  30. Alice says:

    No recent updates from you guys??? Guessing y’ all must be working real hard on y’ all’ s next musical endeavors! Reached out to you guys via Facebook & Twitter recently right after discovering your music! It’ d be absolutely AMAZING if you guys could play at Tabernacle Atlanta! 🙂

  31. Tim says:

    Please come out to Portland sometime!

  32. Sarah Armstrong says:

    I Miss Lady Danville.

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