6 thoughts on “michael

  1. Katie says:

    Haha, so teacher like! Teaching is fun. I’m in school to be a teacher. I like the look you guys have going-the chalkboard and drawings and classroom setting are awesome!

  2. Maria Merve :) says:

    haha. just not to be grounded love pic of the week btw. xx

  3. Frank Bell says:

    Hi guys. Caught your Pittsburgh show with my daughter last night and it was so very impressive I coughed up $10 to buy the cd, which was equally impressive. I know you don’t have a record label, but who is your manager? Couldn’t find any reference on your MySpace and your website didn’t seem to be functioning. Kept taking me to some odd page with a bunch of links. I’d like to understand what your goals are for the group and see if I can help you get where you want to go. [posting this on all three blogs as I don’t know which one of you is first to turn on the laptop]

  4. ZoE:) says:

    So my name is zoe and im 14 years old.
    I came to see u guys touring with ben folds in buffalo, new york at town ballroom.
    Me and my best friend were close to the front row to the stage left and were so impressed by you guys. Ben Folds was my first concert and you guys as opening act really made it a worth-while night. Ben was great, but you guys blew me away.
    I play piano, cello and I sing and let me tell you, you guys were the best. I bought both your CD’s at your merch table and immediately put them on my playlist when I got home at 1:30am. You guys are now all I listen to and I know all your songs by heart. If you ever get a chance to tour in Buffalo again, I would pay anything to see you guys. YOU ROCK (ew that sounded quite cheesy).
    p.s. this is on michael’s bio because I really enjoyed his harry potter overview… i loved HP7 too 😀

  5. sagnier philippe says:

    Hello! i ‘am French and sorry, i speak no english. Je vous
    ai dĂ©couvert sur internet et je trouve vos chansons super. J’espĂšre
    que vous aurez beaucoup de succĂ©s et qu’un jour peut-ĂȘtre vous
    viendrez en concert Ă  Bordeaux ou je viendrai vous voir avec grand
    plaisir. Congretulations for your song. Philippe (Bordeaux /

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