13 thoughts on “Merch

  1. Acacia says:

    you know those soap dispensers that turn your soap into foam when you press down? mine malfunctions, and decided to do so the very first time i wore the above baby blue shirt. it shot foamy soapiness (or is it soapy foaminess?) right onto my shirt. i tried to scrub it out, but it left a stain. my heart broke a little. 😦

  2. H., says:

    Are you going to have merchandise available in time for the holidays? she asks, hopefully

  3. Kim says:

    What’s the difference between navy blue and indigo? I don’t remember there being more than one dark blue shirt! Are they both blue with white writing?

    Also, do the black shirts still have yellow writing?

    Also, I wear my “navy/white writing” shirt and the old school “gray with multiple pastel box thingies” shirt all the time, and get tons of compliments on both!

  4. Meg says:

    You guys should get t-shirts with just the tree and lady danville under it, like the shirt that was featured in Dorm Life!!! That would be amazing.

  5. Karol (K.Mo) says:

    Hey guys! I absolutely love your music and was super excited when I bought your t-shirt, but it’s been a month and I still have not received the package. How long does it take, and will I get my awesome shirt before the holidays? =[[ Please help!

    • ladydanville says:

      Hi Karol!
      Your package got shipped earlier this week! Sorry about the wait! We added a nice surprise to your shipment to make up for the delay. Being on the road this past month with Mr. Ben Folds definitely challenged us as far as keeping up with the merchandise shipments. But we’re adjusting so thanks for the patience! Let us know when you get it =)

      much love,

      • Karol (K.Mo) says:

        Hey Dan!
        Omg, first off I’m just super happy you guys even responded! Totally made my day! haha & Yeah totally get why there was a delay, just figured someone else handled the merch and such for you guys. Anyway turns out I put my home address instead of my campus address so my mom told me she received the package today. Haven’t seen the shirt yet, unfortunately, but I know I’ll love it and will most likely wear it as soon as I get home and of course once I get to go to a concert of Lady Danville =]

        P.S. thanks for the extra, already had purchased the CD but now gives me a chance to spread the word about you guys and give it to a friend who will let their friends know…and the cycle shall begin once again. =D

  6. Sanly says:

    Love your music!! Thanks for the tunes and looking forward
    to listening to more!

  7. Shannon says:

    Hey there! I just recently ordered a shirt from this website. I got an email a while back saying I was charged for it, but I never got the shirt:( I just wanted to make sure it was shipped.

    Thanks a bunch:)

  8. Carolyn says:

    Dear lady danville,
    I love your music, and that’s why I ordered a t-shirt. But I ordered it on May 1st and I still haven’t got it. Help?
    Thank you much.

  9. Neal says:

    Hey i ordered a shirt a few weeks ago, but it still hasn’t arrived, any thoughts?

  10. Alyx says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you were planning on re-stocking the sweatshirts in your store, and I would love to get one if you do.
    love you all and

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