6 thoughts on “dan

  1. Mike says:

    Hey, my friends and I can’t wait for your April 22nd concert in Phila. If you guys need a place to crash while you’re in town, or you’d let me buy you a beer before and/or after the show, please let me know!

  2. Frank Bell says:

    Hi guys. Caught your Pittsburgh show with my daughter last night and it was so very impressive I coughed up $10 to buy the cd, which was equally impressive. I know you don’t have a record label, but who is your manager? Couldn’t find any reference on your MySpace and your website didn’t seem to be functioning. Kept taking me to some odd page with a bunch of links. I’d like to understand what your goals are for the group and see if I can help you get where you want to go. [posting this on all three blogs as I don’t know which one of you is first to turn on the laptop]

  3. Myles Hartman says:

    I love all of your music and there is a lot that I can’t find anywhere. Specifically: Carolina, The Ship Song, and the Uke Song. I don’t know if you don’t have them anywhere or what but you should at least have them on here as mp3 downloads or something. Or help me find where I can buy them. Thanks

  4. Claire says:

    You guys were great in Omaha! Hope your first experience of a “tornado” was something to remember. Come back soon pleaseee I need my Lady Danville concert fix

  5. I have photos from your set at the Regency in SF last night, if you’d like copies please email me an email address where I can send them. Otherwise you can see a couple of them on my Flickr page (http://www.flickr.com/photos/freezetimedigital)

  6. Kaeli says:

    I have seen you guys twice now, and I really love your band. You have been one of my favorites for a couple years I guess, and I am very excited for the EP. Also, thank you for your stylishness. It is a gift to society. 🙂

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