Album Art Contest

Calling all artists, designers and visionaries!

Lady Danville is (finally) releasing Sophie Roux and Kids on iTunes! We’re holding a contest for the best original  design for the cover art for each song.  Winning designers will receive a Lady Danville care package (t-shirt, signed poster, EP and more goodies) as well as pair of free tickets to our next show in your city!

Additional rules:

  • All entries must be posted to our Lady danville Facebook wall by Friday, March 30th
  • You may submit entries for both songs
  • No limit on number of entries
  • Artwork must be owned by submitter
  • Winners will be determined by a panel of judges and artists here at Lady Danville LLC
  • If selected, please be able to provide your artwork per iTunes requirements, for digital distribution only:
    • Be a JPG or GIF image file
    • Be a perfect square and at least 600 x 600 pixels
    • Be in best-quality RGB Color mode (including black and white images)
    • Have a resolution of at least 72 dpi (300 dpi is better)

Here are the songs, for your creative inspiration:

Lady Danville: Kids (MGMT Cover)

Lady Danville: Sophie Roux


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5 thoughts on “Album Art Contest

  1. Oh, I am so excited!! I am so going to enter the contest

  2. Hey, It’s Vincent. I was originally going to be doing your website! But I see that it came out beautifully and I’m so glad you guys were able to turn the tragic incident with your good ol’ van into an extremely creative album cover. I want to win this contest, so I’m going to!

  3. Mila Datta says:

    Challenge accepted. 🙂

  4. Kate says:

    Will you accept late entries?

  5. I desire to bookmark this particular blog,
    “Album Art Contest | the official lady danville blog” on my own site.
    Would you care if Ido? Thanks -James

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