Better Side Music Video: A Special Thanks

So without further ado, Lady Danville can now proudly say that it has its first official music video. *golf clap*

We released “Better Side” last week and have been so touched by all the responses. It’s fascinating to witness the power of songs come to life through video. We couldn’t be happier with the way the music video turned out and thus, wanted to make sure that we thanked all those involved.

The Director: We started brainstorming for this concept back in late Fall under the direction of Joey Garner, our esteemed and valiant director who just so happens to share the same last name as our very own Michael Garner. Ok, they may have also shared rooms at one point in their adolescent lives…. Yeah ok fine, they also share the same mom and dad. Anyway, Joey first came to us with a few ideas for some of our other songs, but it was this idea of reinventing Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth that caught our attention. Joey’s selfless approach and inspiring creative vision made this whole video possible. Click here for more stuff from Joey.

Behold, El Director. Joey Garner.

The Actors: The spirit and vitality of our video belong to the actors. They gave the music video so much heart, warmth, youthfulness, life and everything else all bundled into one giant inexplicable feeling of nostalgia. Much love to Catherine, Bob, Rhoda and Carl for being such great sports and agreeing to jump into a freezing pool on a cold autumn night.

(Below from left to right: Catherine Lydon, Bob Eddy, Rhoda Pell, Carl Adams)

(Below from left to right: Kirby Bliss Blanton, Coby Getzug, Sarah Yarkin, Macon DeFrisco) Some of you might recognize Coby from the musical Spring Awakening while others will see Kirby on the big screen in the newly released Todd Phillips movie, Project X. Thanks to all four for being willing to a) put on wet clothes on a cold freezing night and b) to jump in and out of the pool, repeatedly… on a cold freezing night.

The Crew: With every good music video comes a great crew. Not only did our crew contribute to the brilliant capture of the video, but they also provided the cop car as well. Roger that.

[Left to Right: Kit Boyer (Grip and Electric), Joey Garner (Director), and Ace Underhill (Director of Photography) Not Pictured: Geoff Goodloe (Camera Operator) Coco Yuon (Make-Up Artist)]

The Sponsors: A big special thanks to the Pico Ranch Market for letting us play bowling in aisle 3. And thank you to Ink Monkey Tattoo ( for lending your space and services. That tattoo looks great!

Our Friends: We have the best of friends. From the gentlemen of Cloverdale who provided the party venue to the Lauritsen Family for giving us the valley’s very own Fountain of Youth. We couldn’t have done any of it without you.

So there you have it. Thank you to everyone involved. Can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

The Official Crew List:

Director: Joseph Garner
DP: Ace Underhill
Camera Operatior: Geoff Goodloe
Grip / Electric: Kit Boyer
Camera Operatior (Bingo): Justin Gurnari
Sound Mixer: Neal Doxsee
Casting Director: Ellen Houlihan
Location Manager: Sousanna Pogosyan
Production Assistants: Liz Cohen, David Peddicord
Makeup / Hair: Coco Yuon
Editor: Joseph Garner

Bingo location: New Sunrise Adult Day Health Care
(thanks to: Aida Khrimian, Natalie Haroutunian, Lena Haroutunian)

much love,


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4 thoughts on “Better Side Music Video: A Special Thanks

  1. Katie says:

    SO. GOOD. This was so professional and beautifully executed and wonderful and amazing and all good things in the world. I freaking love this entire concept and you guys pulled it off swimmingly. ;P

    I can’t wait to see more music videos in the future! (Please!)

  2. Asakura Sena says:

    Reinventing youth, that’s brilliant. At first, I didn’t understand what’s the video is all about. I thought the senior citizens were just reminiscing their youth by jumping off to the pool. But then as i was watching it for the second time it all starting to connect. The pool is a sort of fountains of youth but with limitation of time, like Cinderella kind of story. Can’t wait for the next video.

  3. […] Michael Garner’s brother Joey directed the clip. There is an excellent behind the scenes write-up by guitarist Daniel Chang, which also says they are hard at work finishing up their debut […]

  4. Heather says:

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