lady danville end of year ruminations and sale

hello friends and lovers.


the lady danville merch store is going through an end of year inventory cleaning and is happy to announce that everything is 50% off for the rest of 2011. so act fast!


it’s been an amazing year for lady danville. this time last year we were just recovering from our first ever major tour with Ben Folds and since then have continued touring pretty much the entire year with three additional tours with Dashboard Confessional, Jacks Mannequin (x3) and Guster.

lots of things happened for us in 2011: we visited and performed in 35 new states, our facebook page nearly quadrupled in fans, we each probably made an additional 1000+ personal friends on fb, we drove close to 50,000 miles with Brenda, we lost Brenda. matti’s beard got bushier. michael’s shoes got cooler. my hair got taller. we formed amazing friendships with fellow musicians who we used to and still idolize. we drove in rain, sleet, mud, snow, poop and anything else you can imagine. we slept on/in/with beds, couches, floors, shower tubs, cars, grass, dressing rooms, on stage, dogs, cats and fleas. we ate at every fast food restaurant across the US and got gas at every major petrol station becoming quite familiar with the quality of coffee at different aforementioned stations. suffice to say, we couldn’t be happier.

as we shift into 2012, our focus will now be on finally giving you more tunes to listen to. another big milestone for us was being released from a contractual agreement that had stunted our musical creative process for a long time. now that we are completely free, we’re ready to finally give you what you’ve been waiting for. things to look forward to in 2012: our very first music video (it’s already in the editing stages and looks amazing. we are so excited to share it with you.)  new songs. (we’ve been recording and plan to continue. an announcement will be made soon in the coming new year with more details.) and more touring. we live to play for you. so we’ll be back on the road in no time.

until then, we hope you have an amazing next few days reminiscing about 2011 and are as much looking forward to the new year as we are. 2012 is going to be a big year! it has to be! the mayans said so!

anyway, thank you deeply from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support you give to us everyday whether you’re listening to us sing for you from on stage or from your laptop speakers… thanks so much for always listening. we really do everything that we do for you. the music we write, the blogs we come up with, the fb posts we tag are all for you. we love you all.

with that said, here’s to an amazing new year! happy 2012 everyone!

much love as always,

dan of lady danville

oh yeah, did i mention the SALE???

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