a blog about a blog

I’m feeling very worn out right now. Tired, mindless and uncreative. All of our brain power has been put in to trying to release a sneak peak of our full length album (you guys couldn’t imagine how much time, money, politics and shenanigans go in to it).

Ya, I know, it’s a little weird to write a blog about a blog, but in trying to figure out how I could entertain you this week, I realized that the work was already done for me. Please checkout fan blogs by http://heckyeahladydanville.tumblr.com/ (run by Stephanie Smith) and http://xoxladydanville.tumblr.com/ (run by Courtney Penzo and Laura Coelus).

In theory, we could never write a blog post again and just let Stephanie, Courtney and Laura take the reins (cause let’s face it, their blogs are cooler than ours), but we’ll keep coming back and giving you mindless insight to our daily lives, music and some other random stuff.

Mindlessly yours,


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