hello from the future

the folks here at the lady danville blog team have tried to discipline ourselves to share a blog at least once a week, and preferably on wednesdays given its strategic position in the mezzo region of the week equidistant to both monday and friday. sunday and saturday. however, our internal agreements do not address transpacific locales and thus i’m stuck in somewhat of a conundrum trying to decide when i should post this because it’s technically wednesday for me already. and it’s been a great wednesday so far. i went for a run this morning (sorry, my habits chase me wherever i go), then took a swim at the hotel pool. and now i’m enjoying a nice breakfast. anyhoo, my sisters are currently yelling at me to leave so i will post pictures later. but i’m gonna post this now. because it’s wednesday. hello from the future. wednesday has been a good day so far. you’ll love it.



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