Highlights from the Guster/Jack’s Mannequin Tour

The Guster portion of our Guster/Jack’s Mannequin tour has come to an end and we’re back in LA for a little break before going back out with Jack’s Mannequin in the Fall. It feels good to be home, but I already miss hanging out and playing with all these guys. Here are some highlights from the road:

Playing onstage with the whole crew… harmonizing, hitting drums, shaking sleigh bells, the whole shabang.

Shows on a beautiful beach stage in Charleston and shows on a beautiful ampithetre stage in Atlanta.

Being tourists in Myrtle Beach during the day and being spectators backstage while the bands souncheck in the afternoon.

Being tourists (again) at night and eating famously deep fried burgers in Memphis.

Shopping for vinyl in every city (Dan and I both recently acquired record players) and playing old school pinball.

Listening to oh-so sweet piano sounds.

Taking pictures of the empty theatres before the shows.

Exploring Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park after-hours (illegally) and hanging out in the little kids hut/birdhouse, telling ghost stories before getting kicked out by an angry security guard (not pictured).

Having a really badass sound-guy (he did Jack’s sound and our sound) and encountering scary bunny sculptures in Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.

Getting drunk at bars and watching Ryan from Guster act-a-fool.

Sharing some nice food and conversation on with WhatJustin at Bricks (a cool cafe in Ybor City) and writing new songs during souncheck.

Rocking in rocking chairs and receiving funny dressing room signs every night.

Thanks for a wonderful tour, Guster and Jacks. I must say it was a dream come true.



3 thoughts on “Highlights from the Guster/Jack’s Mannequin Tour

  1. jackie says:

    LOVE getting to watch you kiddies become the most famous people i know. so proud of you guys!!

  2. Judy Johnson says:

    Loved you in Grand Rapids- I thought the sound was particularly great so I am glad you included a pic of that guy. Sorry you got kicked out of the beaver den.

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