Super Fan

You know how sometimes you feel like a crazy stalker fan when you really like a band? That’s how I used to feel about Brian Rosenworcel (a.k.a. The Thundergod) from Guster.

You can probably see how I was inspired by him. Yep, his hand percussion.

A few pieces of my drum set are actually a Bar Mitzvah present from my grandma (aka. Nana). Setting up part of Nana’s gift (the red drums), as I hang with Brian before our first gig on the tour:

Brian and I played a game backstage. Let me preface it with this. When Guster plays their song “Airport Song” live, at the end of the song people from the audience throw ping-pong balls at the stage. It is to show acknowledgement of the ping-pong balls recorded on the album version of the song.

Brian and I played “Airport Song” backstage, then I threw my balls at him. New game we made up: “stone-faced ping-pong.” Object of game: throw a ping-pong ball at someone’s face and they can’t laugh…

SuperFanly yours,

P.S. here is a another vid of Brian and Ben Folds jamming. I’m a Super Fan.


4 thoughts on “Super Fan

  1. I’m your Super Fan 😉

  2. Agreed. You are definitely up there with those two guys, Matt, you rock as well!!

  3. Shawn Turner says:

    Hello again Matt..We saw you guys with Guster in Detroit and had a meet and great with guys after the show..We really had a great time..

    Wishing you and Lady Danville the Best of luck and with hard work and good networking all things are possible !!

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