Run, Forrest!

Step aside Men’s Health. lady danville is about to unveil its newest workout regimen optimal for those who find themselves away from the everyday conventions of a gym. Who says you need a gym membership to stay in shape? Who says you can’t stay active while on the road? Who says you can’t get stoned, plan a trip to Japan alone?

This month’s blog features the endless possibilities of the running world and the different terrains one can find when wanting to get a good sweat on. So fasten your laces, pull up your socks, and put on some spandex (optional) because we’re gonna go for a quick jog with a silent j.

1. Running in parks. Parks are ubiquitous. You can pretty much find them anywhere you go. Anytime I’m ready to run, I just pull up my google maps on my Iphone, hit the little compass arrow thingy and then zoom out to look for any green patches on the map. If you find one, it’s most likely a park.

Little Rock, Arkansas

2. Running in the woods. Ideal while listening to the new Bon Iver album. Talk about the perfect peanut to my butter. For the most part, trails can often be found in aforementioned woodsy areas, but sometimes you might have to trek off the beaten path. No worries, you are a running machine doing exactly what your body was meant to do. For motivation, I sometimes like to imagine myself being chased by a bear or a panther. That really gets me going.

Duluth, Minnesota

Vienna, Virginia

3. Running on train tracks. These runs are quite special. A diamond in the rough if you will. Anytime I see a railroad crossing sign, I immediately look for the tracks. They’re quite annoying to actually run on, but it’s super fun. Especially when you hear the choo choos coming toward you. Then it becomes a game of chicken. Which then reminds me of Bojangles. Which then makes me think of sweet tea. And who doesn’t love sweet tea?

Charlotte, North Carolina

Scranton, Pennsylvania

I forget where this was.

4. Running on the beach. It’s always nice to step away from the pavement and give your legs an extra workout with some running on the sand. I usually run right at the edge of where the water hits the sand. Naturally, a dance ensues where my path starts to ebb and flow in rhythm with the tide. Caution, shoes tend to get wet and sandy. That’s why I bring two pairs with me on the road. I’m crazy I know.

Montauk, New York

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

5. Running in the fields. Either soccer fields or corn fields will do. Fields are cool. Fields, Fields, Fields. The word starts to look weird after awhile.

Vienna, Virginia

Richmond, Virgina (or somewhere near there)

6. Running around lakes. You don’t get many lakes in LA. At least not in West Hollywood where I live. So these runs are always fun. Plus, you can always jump in afterwards and chase the ducks.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wilmington, North Carolina

7. Stadium running. You see a sweet amphitheater, I see quad burners. Just ignore the weird looks from the concession stands.

Atlanta, Georgia

Anyway, you get the idea. Running can be fun if you just find interesting areas to keep you distracted. This world was made for us to run on. So I’ll see ya out there next time? The upcoming cities on this tour are Knoxville, Memphis, Indy, Detroit, Grand Rapids and Columbus. Hit me up if you wanna go running or have another cool suggestion in mind.

Stay tuned next month as we unveil our workout routines geared towards a jungle gym.


much love,



2 thoughts on “Run, Forrest!

  1. Katie says:

    Lol, awesome tips and I love your writing style. High five to staying fit! Or getting fit in some people’s cases. (Guilty.) Rock on! 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks! I’m usually a street runner, but you’ve definitely given me food for thought. Congrats on everything LD! 😀

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