the beginnings of lady danville started out in a dorm room back when michael was an RA at UCLA. there were leftover pizza boxes strewn all over the floor, unwritten term papers forsaken on laptops and sleepy-eyed freshmen residents knocking on michael’s door asking us if we could somehow sing a little softer as the clock struck 3am. and through it all, the one constant in our lives back then was the music of Guster.

i can think of no other band that has had as much of an influence on the inception of lady danville (formerly known as mikey g and dan from danville) than Guster (formerly known as Gus, true story). It is more evident in our earlier songs, but we used to obsess over the dynamics of the “high guy” and “low guy” of Guster. Of course we know their names, but high guy/low guy sounds so much more identifiable. When singing along to Guster, it was as if our roles were predestined. There was no conversation of “you sing this part, and I’ll take this part” but instead an unspoken understanding that I was the high guy, and Michael sang low. This worked especially well in Guster songs such as “Either Way” and “Happier” and obviously… “Demons”.

and who can forget the thunder god!? matti may say he’s jewish, but he worships the thunder god. i’ve seen it. i’ve seen the rituals. it’s crazy. it’s amazing.

anyway, in less than a week, we’ll be heading out on the road with Guster and Jack’s Mannequin. that’s just insane to me. absolutely crazy. go ahead and check that one off the list.

hopefully we’ll see you on the road but for now, here are some throw back videos inspired by Guster.

here’s one of our older songs, Cast Away with high guy low guy dynamics in full effect. i forget how dreamy michael can be sometimes.


oh, and did we mention that we love Guster?

see ya on the road!

much love,


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3 thoughts on “Guster!

  1. Ridiculously excited for you guys. I freaked out when I heard about this tour and was like THEY SAID THEY ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS. THEY’RE DOING IT. I’m seeing Guster/JM this Sunday and I’ma try to see your show with them the following week, too, because I feel like my brain my implode if I miss out on that much amazing music in one place.

  2. Guster is my favorite band of all time, which is probably why you guys are on my favorites list as well. I can’t imagine what it must be like to tour with your ‘idols’.

    Like Mike, I was an RA too. My residents and I always sang “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison, in what we thought were well-crafted harmonies. Somehow, I don’t think we did it as well as you guys could.

  3. I was so excited when I saw that you guys were coming back to Michigan so soon–I felt like I had to wait ages between the first two shows I saw. Add on the fact that you’re touring with Jack’s again, /and/ Guster? I just can’t even. I. JUST. CANNOT. EVEN.

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