Between Two Tours, a haiku by michael

Come home to LA

Encounter with black widow

Leave for Guster tour



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8 thoughts on “Between Two Tours, a haiku by michael

  1. AH! this is the spider you were talking about!?
    to make it even more creepy, you put the song in there
    it gave me chills!
    Thank you Michael! ;D

  2. Jen says:

    The only spider I will kill is a black widow. Thanks for protecting humanity, Michael.

  3. Stufsocker says:

    I believe you can identify a black widow by an hourglass-shaped marking on its underbelly. But then, do you really want to be in the position to check its underbelly?

  4. pickle says:

    Can’t wait for you to come to the west coast for concerting! Have fun with Guster and Jack’s Mannequin

  5. I feel like you’ve personally saved my life due to the mere fact that its spawn would surely have eaten me one day. Thanks!

    P.S. I wish you were still gonna be on tour with Guster and JM when they’re in Detroit, I’ll miss you!

  6. I was bitten by a Black Widow last October, the doctors and nurses in the Emergency Room called me, “Spider Girl”.

  7. Melanie Ta says:

    There are few things that completely unnerve me, but poisonous snakes and spiders fall into that category. I still find the whole thing fascinating. The big “thing” the black widow is capturing is a June Beetle (sometimes called May bugs, but it is a true beetle.) I have one on my screen door, if a wasp didn’t get ahold of it. There are also smaller varieties, but I mostly see the big ones here. Great footage. 🙂 BTW, I finally got to where I can take care of the smaller black widows myself. My husband gets the bigger ones. LOL I try to relocate some spiders. Black widows get the death penalty. 😉

  8. H., says:

    Your doormat is exactly like mine! Did you get it at Target, too? Wait… that’s not the point, is it?

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