HP7 Warm Ups

Dan is the biggest Harry Potter fan I know. When we were in Oklahoma City, he brought us to the movie theater around 8:00pm to get in line for the midnight showing. We were 8th in line or so. And despite the 4 Potter Heads in front of us, discussing the incongruities between the the books and the movies, it was a really fun night.

Favorite Dan quotes from the night:

1) they’re not capes, they’re robes!
2) we’ll have OKAY seats (we’re 8th in line)
3) they’re testing the movie in the theater…I can hear it…this is torture
4) i’m gonna break that muggle’s fake wand in half!

And there’s only one thing to do at 11pm on July 14, 2011: HP7 Warm Ups

WhatJustin plays DDR in the movie theater arcade.

Michael takes a phone call and “dances?” in the movie theater lobby.

Dan is emotional and impatient, and holds our place in line.



11 thoughts on “HP7 Warm Ups

  1. Christa says:

    OMG DANNNNNNNNN. I saw a midnight premiere, too! There were people in awesome costumes (LIKE ARAGOG, AND 2 HAGRIDS, AND A BUNCH OF TRELAWNEYS, AND A RAVENCLAW QUIDDITCH TEAM) and it was a beautiful niiiiight.

  2. Sarah Doble says:

    I went to a midnight showing, too! I wore a shirt with the Deathly Hallows symbol that said “UNTIL THE VERY END” below it. The movie ROCKED!

  3. There were only four people ahead of you at 8? Lucky! I got to the theater around 8 and my theater and three others had already been seated! There were so, so, SO many people there.
    The movie was amazing though; it was probably my favorite of the series!

  4. haha dan, you should post a review like you did for the last one!

  5. Katie says:

    I agree with Caitlin! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the movie, Dan.

  6. audreyvwbug says:

    seriously, only 8 people ahead of you at 8pm?!? l had like 100 ppl ahead of me.. at 10pm wednesday night =/ but it was fun camping outside of the theater!! we brought tents and air mattresses

  7. My kids played HP Spells on their iPods as we sat in line. We saw an entire family in costume — it was awesome!

  8. ladydanville says:

    ya, we didn’t have to do the tents things, but i’m sure dan would have made us if oklahoma city was more HP crazed

  9. This is REALLY funny!
    I love the Dan quotes !!!
    and what makes it even better is that
    you guys told me about this before I read it lol 😀

  10. Anytime you guys wanna watch HP with someone, I’m here. Dan’s quotes are awesome.

  11. Baylee says:

    Soooooooooo I love you guys so much, never stop being weird. Peace, Love, LadyD.

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