Jack’s Mannequin Tour Blog: Week 3

After 3 weeks, I think we’re officially in the groove of the road… we got it down. The constant driving, the sleeping on couches/ground, the waking up early to run (Dan) and explore the town, the trying to eat healthy at the golden arches, the set up and soundcheck at the venue, the 33 minutes of rocking out on stage, the 2 hours of rocking out in the audience after we play, the packing up and loading our van, the imbibing of local beer and hanging with Jacks and Steel Train and exploring the town some more until it’s time for bed (or even more if we have a day off). Not a bad groove to be in.

Here are some highlights from the past week:

1. Bikelock show in Minneapolis – When Jack’s Mannequin has days off, the band (Jay, Bobby and Mikey) play rock-n-rock in their side project band, Bikelock. We got to see them tear the roof off in Minneapolis @ 7th Street Entry (of First Avenue, made famous by Prince… pretty sweet show).

2. Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis – As we wandered around the city, we stumbled upon one of the most beautiful sights: Stone Arch bridge with surrounding old mills and locals outside enjoying the (rare) gorgeous sunshine.

3. Swinging in Minneapolis – I joined Dan for a morning run @ Lake Calhoun, but halfway through the run I found a swingset and realized I liked swinging more than I liked running. Sorry Dan.

4. Frozen custard in Milwaukee – The frozen custard craze in Milwaukee quite resembles the froyo craze in LA. We tried Kopp’s Frozen Custard, one of the best places to experience this cold creamy goodness.

WhatJustin is not amused by Kopp’s oversized spoon and cherry.

Apparently frozen custard makes Dan turn into an evil demon.

5. Trying local cuisine Everywhere – Saz’s famous sour-cream and chive french fries @ Summerfest in Milwaukee hit the spot. Amazing festivals attract amazing foooood.

6. Playing Summerfest in Milwaukee – The biggest music festival in the world, playing for thousands of people with a backdrop of a beautiful midwestern sun setting over the lake.

7. Morning run adventures in Scranton – On the way to Poughkeepsie we stopped in Scranton, PA (said home of NBC’s “The Office”). We refrained from making references to Jim 0r Pam or Dwight or Dunder Mifflin etc… jokes that we figured weren’t so fresh to the local residents. Turns out the city looks nothing like it does in the show… quite pretty. Here’s a pic Dan took whilst exploring some Scranton caves on a trail run he did with our couch surfer, Patrick.

8. Living the dream in The Hamptons – We played a gig for MTK in Montauk, and before the show we explored the downtown and enjoyed the summer sun at the beach.

WhatJustin’s DJ set @ the MTK event. #superhip

Our set @ the MTK event. #alsosuperhip

9. Late night jazz @ Fat Cat in NYC – We had a couple days off to tool around the city, obligation free. I ❤ NYC

10. Eating ramen at Ippudo in NYC – Apparently this place is the #1 ranked restaurant on Yelp. For good reason. I’m in heaven.

11. Finding all the other Danvilles in the US (this was was in PA) – There’s at least 5 or 6 out there. Makes us feel like we’re a part of something bigger out there in this lonely world. A community of Danvilles.

Until next week.

– Michael


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