Jack’s Mannequin Tour Blog: Week 2

Week two has come and gone, and it was filled with adventures. No tornadoes this week 😦

Some fun stuff from week 2:

1. Troll in Wichita – The name of the man that helped us unload at the Cotillion in Kansas was Troll. Despite his scary nickname (perhaps birthname?), he was the nicest dude we have met on this tour. We have only love for Troll. Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture with him, but he looked something like this.

2. Puppies in Des Moines – And you thought the only thing that existed in Iowa was corn. You were wrong. Puppies!

3. Water Park in Sioux Falls – Basically our best experience on this tour yet. When we don’t have the luxury of couch surfing, we splurge on hotels. Priceline is our go-to site for all things cheap. We got lucky in Sioux Falls. This 2 star facility had an indoor water park, consisting of a full sized water slide, a rope crawl (where rogue water gunner, dan, tried to splash me and michael in to the 4 foot water abyss below), a kids frog slide, a snake slide, beach entrance and a hot tub for boring adults.

4. Daylight in Fargo – Daylight Savings has really worked on our behalf on this tour. Jack’s Mannequin finished before the sun went down and we all still had time to enjoy some daylight outside of the van.

5. Artwork in every city

6. Deli in Duluth – It’s definitely a consensus among the group that D’Deli in Golden, CO has the best sandwiches in the nation. Amazing Grace Bakery and Cafe in Duluth, MN served up some fresh baked bread and homemade soup that gave both D’Deli and Domenico’s (Danville) a run for their money.

7. Morning sites in Duluth – When all the birds are chirping and traveling musicians get their rest before a drive to the next city, Dan is up and about, running, finding a pool or a gym somewhere, or as I like to imagine him, singing in the forest with all the animals, like Princess Aurora. Here’s a pic he snapped of himself in Duluth

8. Training in Minneapolis – Day 1 of WhatJustin’s training for The World’s Strongest Man competition (he’s also known as WhatWhat, J, or Justin FYI)

Also, every tour we have a “road song.” Last tour it was “Walking on a Dream.” This trip we went a little more pop with “Till the World Ends.” Thanks Britney


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3 thoughts on “Jack’s Mannequin Tour Blog: Week 2

  1. Elle. says:

    Beautiful. You guys are the best; I’m happy you’re enjoying the tour!

  2. Cody says:

    Just letting you guys know that you rocked it at Summerfest this year, awesome show.

  3. Sara Miller says:

    Oh my gosh, so many wonderful things about this entry. Glad Wichita could provide you with Troll. I find this ironic because I feel like the Cotillion is the troll venue of Kansas, as in… it’s trollin’. You feel me? Also, Dan is very pretty. Get his hair secrets and share them with me kthx.

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