Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Baddest Beatle of All?

Who is your favorite Beatle? John, Paul, George…Ringo :/ ??

Vote in the comments section below for who your favorite Beatle is and we’ll tally up your votes, learn a song written by that Beatle, record a video of us playing it, and post it back on the blog!

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42 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Baddest Beatle of All?

  1. Michael says:

    Paul! =)

    ‘For No One’ and ‘Here, There, and Everywhere’ are still two of my favorite songs.

  2. Katie says:

    Paul paul paul paul paul paul paul paul paul paul! 🙂

  3. Mike says:

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps!

  4. christopher says:

    don’t hate on ringo. rude.

    my vote is for ringo starr.

  5. Julie says:


  6. Tina says:

    You need to take the Beatleology test… figure out which Beatle you each are. It’s so worth it; buy the book! Also, I would suggest Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. Great song.

  7. Emily B says:

    Paul is sadly overrated. George is and has always been my favorite Beatle. He’s dark and mysterious, and his story is so interesting, along with a bunch of anecdotes that I’ve read over the years. “Something” would be beautiful to cover… or “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.. or “Here Comes The Sun.”

    Second best is John for obvious reasons and I don’t even have to list the cream of the crop of his songs.

  8. Amina says:

    My favorite Beatle is John, but my favorite Beatles song is Blackbird. So if I have to vote for Paul to get a vote in for a cover of Blackbird, so be it. Just found this at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackbird_(song). Whatever song you choose to cover, I’m sure it will be brilliant!

  9. Laura says:


    “Here Comes the Sun” or “Revolution” 🙂

  10. Megan says:

    I’m gonna have to go with Paul as well.

  11. Gennessis Enriquez says:

    she loves you

  12. sarah says:

    Paul all the way. and you should cover “she’s leaving home” or “fool on a hill.” or something he did solo like “off the ground.” 🙂

  13. Justin says:

    Paul, either yesterday or Eleanor Rigby

  14. Tara says:

    George is my favorite beatle. I would love to hear you guys cover Ob-li-da Ob-la-da (by Paul) or Nowhere Man (by John) instead though!

  15. Kara says:


  16. Ellen says:

    Fixing a Hole or Paperback Writer.
    Classic songs makes Paul the badass, but John wins for his post-Beatles music.

  17. Danniela says:


  18. Stufsocker says:

    George! I know, I know. It used to be John, and I really love his work and respect him for his peace advocacy, but in terms of just the music? George, straight up.

  19. Daniel Henderson says:

    Eleanor Rigby, definitely. You three would arrange the mess out of it.

    From, your biggest upstate NY fan,


  20. Luke P says:

    or at least something fun…don’t do something heavy

  21. kaeorin says:

    Seconding George! And “Something”! I think your voices would add a whole new level of beauty to it, too.

  22. Jeremy S says:

    I’d say Paul, there’s really something special about that man. Unbelievably versatile musician.

    As for a song you should cover? I say Dear Prudence.

  23. taphi says:


  24. Marie :) says:

    Paul is the fave and you guys should cover “I Will” Ultimate love song!

  25. Doerthe says:

    Paul and the coversong – Oh! Darlin (apologies to the vocal chords in advance 🙂 )

  26. Richard says:

    John, Don’t Let Me Down, such a classic.

  27. Johanna says:

    I’ll have to go with George because he is waaay underrated.

    and PENNY LANE 🙂

  28. vanishingirl says:

    Paul. I dare you to cover Helter Skelter…just kidding. Here, There & Everywhere, I Will, For No One, Blackbird, Michelle, Fool on the Hill – too many to choose from. You can give any of his pretty songs the lush harmonic treatment they require. Good Day Sunshine would be more upbeat and fun. OK, I’ll stop now.

  29. Steph Ozahowski says:

    Paul! Anything Paul! You should do something Abbey Road!

  30. Amelia420 says:

    I Will, (I can already hear your beats in there!) Mother Natures Son, Two of us or Till there was you.
    Love you guys!

  31. pinkanabiz says:

    John Lennon

    As the song, I would love to watch you guys sing Can’t Buy Me Love or I Want To Hold Your Hand, that would be awesome…

  32. Meghan says:

    Paul!!! Definitely the best songwriter out of all of them.

  33. Sarah says:

    I’ve always liked Ringo, but I don’t know that his songs are my favorite, so my vote’s for Paul.
    Any of their early stuff would sound great with your guys’ take on it, in my opinion.

  34. Megan says:


  35. Stephanie says:

    George Harrison, by far the bestest Beatle

  36. Phoebe Zalud says:

    Harrison or Lennon

  37. Brittany says:

    Paul is definitely my favorite Beatle. I left this same suggustion on Facebook, but here it is again:
    You should do “Hey Bulldog” (Paul and John share singing duties), I bet you guys would sound amazing doing it, especially because of the fun piano part.
    Another fun one for you would be Ringo’s “Octopus’ Garden.”

  38. Sarah says:

    While I generally vote for the underdog, which in this case is totally Ringo, I believe that he only technically wrote one song by himself…which isn’t that good, So…..

    I vote George.

  39. Maddie says:

    Ringo. All the way.

  40. pickle says:


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