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Just wanted to give everyone a quick update from the Dashboard Confessional Tour. We began our journey Saturday afternoon waving goodbye to the Southern California warmth as we braced ourselves for the torturing cold of the rest of America. With our newly acquired mittens, leg warmers and snow chains in tow, we traversed through the rocky mountains of Colorado and practically skidded our way on ice and snow into Denver. As I was deliriously driving, I started picturing evil snow ghosts on the road trying to loosen our tires…

Our first show in Denver couldn’t have been a better start to the tour. Prior to showtime, we got to meet the whole crew and the other solo acts including John Lefler (guitarist for Dashboard Confessional), Chris Conley of Saves the Day and the man himself, Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional. It’s already been a blast getting to know these guys. John likes sandwiches with no pickles or onions (ok, I can’t really verify that, but it’s a hunch) and Chris Conley is a family man who adores his wife and daughter (this i can verify), while Chris Carrabba is one of the most down to earth guys I’ve met who introduced me to an awesome iPhone app called Cycle Meter that maps out your running.

Speaking of which, every new city is like a rock unturned. While touring does bring you to new cities everyday, there’s really never that much time to take advantage of this type of Trans-American culturing, so to speak. So whenever I can, I’ll wake up early and strap on my favorite pair of spandex running pants and hit the streets to the delight of my gallivanting self. Below are a few pics from my morning adventures thus far.

Downtown Cedar City, UT – emphasis not so much on the downtown part.

Denver, CO – running in ankle deep snow with ankle high socks…  not the best idea…

Salt Lake City, UT – Hi Brother Joe!

Seattle, WA – Carkeek Park! Too may paths to choose from, so I just ran in figure 8s.

and then it brought me here…

Anyway, more cities to come!

We’re getting ready for our Seattle show tonight at Neumos. So far so good. The audience responses in Denver and Salt Lake City have blown us away. There’s nothing better than the feeling of getting to play your music for new people who instantly react with smiles and cheers as you get to know each other throughout the night. Can’t wait to meet more as we venture our way towards warmer climates.

Here are some shots from the shows themselves. Enjoy.

Summit Music Hall – Denver, 1/10/11 (Happy birthday Mom!)

In the Venue – Salt Lake City, 1/11/11

As hard as it is to believe, he’s even better looking in person.

That’s all for now folks! Hopefully we’ll see you at the next show.

much love,


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7 thoughts on “Morning Adventures

  1. Kim says:

    So stoked to see you guys on Saturday!

  2. James says:

    I love you guys! Saw you in ATL with ben folds and dug your sound, then couldn’t stop listening to your myspace since. Wanna fly out to the west coast to catch the end of your D.C. tour!!

  3. miranda says:

    go dan!

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi there. Caught you guys in SLC and LOVED your sound immediately. From where I was standing I couldn’t really tell what your drummer was drumming on, but whatever it was he drew me in. So vibrant and energetic – such a great experience. I immediately forked out the $10 for your cd. I took the advice of said vibrant drummer and made copies for all my friends. They both loved it. (: I would definitely pay to see you again and will make sure to tell anyone I can how good of a show you guys put on.

  5. Lilu Green says:

    Saw you guys @ the beacon… Amazing!! Dan, are you ready to be addicted?! The Stieg Larsson books are definitely page-turners! Enjoy!!

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. Have a great tour!! 🙂

  6. kringles says:

    HEYYY! i just wanna say THANK YOUUU for calling my sister today on HER BIRTHDAYYY! she was FREAKING OUTTT! you probably made her entire year. anyways, i told her to pick up the phone, but we weren’t sure who it was, but we can save a message! haha! XDXD

    so yeah, thx againnn! =D

  7. Brittany says:

    In your S.L.C pic that’s a statue of Brigham Young. And the mobsters that killed Joseph Smith called him Brother Joe to be derogatory and disrespectful. I know you didn’t mean it that way, but now you know 🙂

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