“hey, when is our next business meeting?”

we talk a lot about the musical aspect of life as a musician. we blog about life on the road while we tour. we fill you in on what we’re listening to, which fast food places we’re eating at and who we talk to on the phone while taking our ninja (dog) for a walk. but we never really talk about the serious stuff we do everyday. the business end of lady danville. and that’s just not fair to you. so brace yourself. put on your best shirt and tie and pumps and bring your legal pad to the next conference call.

Call in #: 823-143-8008
Passcode: 523932684553
Time: October 4th, 2010, 8:00AM PST

“hey, when is our next business meeting?”

you’d be surprised how often these words come up in a lady danville group hang. especially lately as we prepare for our upcoming Ben Folds “Lonely Avenue Tour” in november. recently, when we’re not discussing chord progressions and improving our diction for the latest song, we’re trying to decide what type of business credit card to get (cash back or rewards?), which cd company to go with to make our upcoming tour ep (get excited), whether lady danville hoodies will sell in the midwest during the winter, how to optimize our merchandise set-up, and whether or not to give brenda (our tour van) the basic or deluxe car wash.

being an independent self-managing band is definitely hard work. you split your time between making music and managing it. at times, the musical creative process takes a backseat to the strategic development side. copyrighting your songs, trademarking your logo, managing your inventory, monitoring your accounts, networking your…. well, network i guess. it all gets overwhelming at times. but, somehow or another, the three of us make it work. we’ve discovered a super secret algorithm that makes all lady danville business operations run smoothly. well, not really. we just email each other 50 times a day… no seriously, if i search “michael garner” in my gmail, it’ll say “120 of thousands Older ›” . if I search “matthew frankel”, my gmail will crash.

anyway, the point is, there’s always so much to do. and it gets crazy busy and overwhelming all the time. sometimes, i forget that i’m supposed to be writing music. BUT, through all the craziness, i’m glad i have michael and matti as my co-captains. we remind each other that despite all of our arguments we have, such as deciding between All State and State Farm for brenda,  it’s all about the music. we really do make a good team. and there’s no one else i’d rather share this experience with.

so, to give you a better glimpse into the life of lady danville LLC please refer to the agenda attached below. minutes for this meeting will be sent to you shortly along with a meeting request for the follow-up next week. enjoy the week and happy monday.

Current Agenda items:

1) New inventory of lady danville t-shirts… and hoodies =)

2) New inventory of lady danville goodies

3) lady danville LLC/credit card/new bank account

4) New lady danville merchandise set-up?

5) Replace brakes and tune-up Brenda

6) Tour Routing

7) Sleeping arrangements while on the road

TBD. Offers welcomed.


See you on the road soon.



4 thoughts on ““hey, when is our next business meeting?”

  1. Caitlin says:

    I was just wondering if you would do this again sometime because my phone is broken!!! I’m really really sad that I can’t call. =/

    however, I”m very excited about the new merch

    hope you all are well

  2. Alia says:

    are those new sweat shirts up and ready to sell?
    because I totally want one!

  3. Lemme get one-a dem shirts….

  4. joyfulsmile says:

    yay! come to vegas please? xox

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