Funny Voicemail :)

So my friend Emily called me the other day. She’s always been super supportive of our music (comes to all the shows, tells all of her friends and family about us, named her first child danville…just kidding, she doesn’t have kids). BUT, she does have a nephew, who was actually the person (very little person) calling me from her phone the other day. Click the play button below and listen closely! I think he quotes “Cars.” hahahaa. He’s 4, but I don’t have a picture of him, so below is a pic of what I think he looks like…

"emily's nephew"


PS. Yes, I do have a weird tendency to receive cool/awkward/funny phone calls (ie. gerard butler). To keep the tradition going, I’m creating a phone number for Lady Danville! I wanna hear what ya’all are up to (sing us a song/ask us a question/tell us a story/whatever you want really! 🙂 I’ll post the number in my next blog post!

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2 thoughts on “Funny Voicemail :)

  1. Ingrid Burns says:

    Too cute Matt … thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Caitlin says:

    That was really adorable. I think the phone number thing is a really good idea! please post something again soon!!!


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