Song Title HELP!

hello from the studio! we are happy to say that new songs are on the way. this is our 4th day in the studio and things have been going quite swell. it’s been fun experimenting with our songs and seeing what happens when we let loose our creativity. however, there is one area where we are consistently getting stumped; it involves the endeavor of naming our newest track. we currently refer to it as “new song 42”. not sure if that will fly. no one can really agree on a better title. we’ve tried flipping a coin, playing rock paper scissors, pulling straws and cribbage. but nothing seems to help us make a decision. le sigh.

so, we beseech your help in airing out our brain fart.

help us name this song!

we’ve entertained the idea of explaining the meaning of the song but we don’t think we want to steer this boat. you’re the captain. so instead, we’ll write out the lyrics and attach a live performance of the song. =)

feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section!

happy hunting!


p.s. we apologize for our potty mouths.

working song title: new song 42


something is off do you feel it today
even the clocks strike a minute too late
but i try
to make it on time

i miss the bus so i’m walking to school
i miss the chance to catch up too
i missed you

i came to visit but you’d just gone away
i bought a rose but you had a bouquet
i still try
to make it on time

like the constellations up in the sky
they’ll never see the morning light
like you and i

i sit and wait here
playing house in my mind
you’re running late dear
or am i off on the time


what could have been
makes me stay
it’s so fucked up
i’m just a minute too late

but i’ll keep making the bed for two
i’ll keep making the bed for you

there is a local garden on crescent heights
you would have loved it if you’d been by my side
i still try
to make it on time

i heard a waltz it remind me of you
when we were dancing in that half lit room

i sit and wait here
playing house in my mind
you’re running late dear
or am i off on the time

what could have been
makes me stay
it’s so fucked up
i’m just a minute too late

but i’ll keep making the bed for two
i’ll keep making the bed for you


67 thoughts on “Song Title HELP!

  1. Garrett M. says:

    maybe “on time” ?

  2. Skrappy says:

    “Minute Too Late” is the lyric that kind of hits me and also decribes the theme of the song…like always falling short. You could call it that, too. “Falling Short”

  3. Skrappy says:

    Oh…pardon me for being rude. I like the song A LOT!!!!!!! I meant to say that first. lol Good job. The “F” word really adds a punch in the gut there. 😉

  4. -Even Though You Left

    -I’ll Make the Bed for You

    -What Could Have Been

    -The Way We Were…wait, this names been taken…

    I’ll keep working on some others

  5. Kevin says:

    ‘Minute Too Late’

  6. Rachel says:

    “late” or “one minute”
    or my personal favorite “so fucked up”

  7. Michael says:

    Great song! =)

    My suggestions (based on my own interpretation) are:

    “Playing House”
    “Keeping Appointments”
    “Missed Connection”

  8. Meghan O says:

    love it! how about Just Too Late?

  9. Jennifer w says:

    I know it’s not in the lyrics, but I think you should call it Bad Timing. An ex-boyfriend used to have the saying “bad timing is everything” to explain how things got messed up or didn’t work out, and this song just resonates that for me. If you must use lyrics, just Too Late.

  10. Daphne says:

    A Minute Behind

    Love it!

  11. Tom Huff says:

    Song title obviously should be “On Time”

    Bravo, btw!

  12. Daphne says:

    “A Minute Behind”

  13. FlashFookersSqueeze says:

    “Minute Too Late” or “Just a Minute Too Late”

  14. Shelby says:

    I Still Try? Or Minute Too Late, that seems popular.
    It’s a great song, whatever you name it.

  15. Darlene says:

    Here’s a couple of my choices: “My timings Off” , or “Timings Off”

  16. Sophi says:

    Love the new song! First thing that comes to mind for a title is “Almost”
    other ideas are “Trying” or “One More Step”

  17. acap says:

    Pipe Dreams. And I’ll say it again. =)

  18. jaraad says:

    my favorite is “clocks.”

    but if you have a problem with having the same title as a coldplay song (not that you should) some other ideas:

    “the bed”
    “white rabbit”
    “dancing in a half-lit room”

  19. “My Daydream Girl”
    A girl you have come to love. As you go on, your expectations of what could have been grows and grows. The girl in your mind is not what has been placed before you, but perhaps a Daydream Girl that you have grown to love. A Daydream Girl that might or might not exist. And holding on to this image of her somewhat completes you.

  20. lisa says:

    Talks about time and time is governed by planets and constellations so what about constellations?or time is all distorted, so how about distortion or time warp or black hole? Or mars retrograde?

  21. Ingrid Burns says:

    “Making the Bed for Two”

    I remember you guys asked for a song title for this song when I saw you play at Largo…you were awesome by the way :)… I meant to tell you then, and this is still what jumps to my mind when I read/hear this song. Love your CD; want more songs! 🙂 So go with this title, and lets go! 🙂

  22. Meagan says:

    “I’ll Wait for You”

    “Forever I’ll Wait”

  23. islandissues says:

    one, is too late
    late by one
    one is all it takes to make a tragedy
    tragedy one
    one tragedy
    one spells ruin
    one, how do I recover
    one deep
    one past
    one late
    one, and only one
    one, and alone
    one makes one
    one hurts

  24. islandissues says:

    perhaps after all the names I thought of,
    I still try, would be the best because obviously they are fucking up….
    but that fact that
    “I still Try”
    speaks volumes

    why does he keep trying and what made him wright the song…
    I still try… speaks volumes

  25. islandissues says:

    my mistake I’ll wait

  26. Tahoejuggler says:

    “Making it.”

    Great song!

  27. Christa says:


    Forrealsies, I love this song.

  28. Tiffany says:

    Bed for Two,
    Crescent Heights Memory/Memories, or
    Crescent Heights Melody

  29. Meagan says:

    “I’ll Keep Waiting”

    “Forever Waiting”

  30. Katie says:

    Like You and I

  31. Katie says:

    Also maybe something playing with the “I try” or “Makes me stay” lines. Or simply “For You”.

  32. Jennifer Waters says:

    or “for 2”

  33. Kate says:

    “too late” Or “Bed for Two” “Late”
    Love the song!!!! 😀

  34. ellis says:


    wooooo i love the little waltz break.

  35. Tess says:

    One of the lyric-titles that “Jaraad” posted is just fabulous: “dancing in a half-lit room”

    Here are a couple more that come to mind whilst listening:
    “eleventh hour”
    “only just”

    A few people posted the lyric-title “A Minute Too Late”–which works as well.

    Best of luck! The song is brilliantly tragic.

  36. Taryn says:

    “What Could Have Been” would be a good name and it sounds like it’s the theme of the song. You’re looking back and thinking of what could have been…even though it seems like it’s too late.

  37. L says:

    Is your pic of the week ever going to change?
    (That is not a suggested title for the song, crafty and creative as it is.)

  38. Nicole says:

    So all my suggestions are already up here but these are my fav from all the posts.

    Minute too late
    On time
    Bad timing
    Crescent Heights Melody: I love this one. I imagine someone sitting in that garden longingly writing this song. The place reminds the writer of his lost love, so it seems fitting.

    Regardless of what you name it, the song is GREAT! can’t wait to hear it live.

  39. justagirl says:

    love the song. 🙂 it kinda sound like my life right now, my friend and I have become the masters of bad timing. and if there’s anything I’ve learned this year, is that time ruins everything good. So don’t waste it, and just go for it so you’re not a minute late again. I like the suggestion of “missed by one”

  40. Kyle says:

    I like when song titles aren’t necessarily one of the lyrics of the song and one thing that came to mind when reading the lyrics was “Daylight Savings”…personally I try to always be punctual and on time but something like Daylight Savings Time can screw with that…there’s been a couple times when I didn’t remember it happened and just like the song begins it felt like something was off and just imagine all the things you could miss out on if you were just one hour ahead/behind everyone else, or in this case your significant other.

  41. Catherine says:

    So I guess it kinda depends on what you’re going for… if you want something obvious, then I think that “Bed for Two” or “Minute Too Late” would be nice. If you’re going for more abstract, then maybe something like,

    “Absent Regret,”
    “Catch Fail,”
    “Hopeful Mislay,”
    or “Futile Effigy”?

    Like I said, it depends on what you’re going for. But maybe these will also give you some ideas 🙂 You also might consider consulting the dictionary… I did 🙂

  42. Courtney says:

    My vote is for either
    “Minute too late”
    “I still try”

    Those two lines spoke the most to me. It looks like others have already suggested them, but I figure another vote in favor won’t hurt as you make your decision.

    Keep up the great work guys, you’re awesome!

  43. Lindsay says:

    I really like this one. I know I’m a little late, perhaps you’ve already decided on a name, if not…

    A Stride Behind
    Catch Up
    Trying To Catch Up

  44. amy van vechten says:

    name it

    “i heard a waltz”

  45. Sonji says:

    Awesome song. Classic Lady Danville sound.

    Have you chosen a title yet? How about “FML”?

  46. molster says:

    a minute too late

  47. Elisa says:

    I hope this isn’t too late but I was thinking “wishful waiting” for the title.

  48. Craig Bender says:

    I heard you guys for the first time at Bardot last night and you were amazing. I can’t wait for the CD. This particular song I loved and it stuck with me and so I looked it up today. Title Ideas:

    1st Choice:
    – A Minute Too Late
    – Out of sync
    – Bed for Two/Bed for You
    – Make it On Time
    – Bed for Two
    – The timings off

  49. David Taylor says:

    I’ve noticed that the majority of your released songs have one word titles, and I like that trend alot. It leaves room for anticipation and interpretation with the listener. so, with that said, how about “minute” ? keeps it simple yet interesting.

    thanks for creating such a unique song. The lyrics speak to me.

  50. Caitlin says:

    i personally like the one word names such as “clocks”

    of course you could always just call it [insert title here] 😉

  51. Abby Mapes says:

    -Late Again

    -Bed For Two

    -Minute To Late

    -Tried To Make On Time

    -Just My Luck

    -Missed You Again

    PS Hi Dan and Mikey And Mattie It’s Abby Mapes, say hi to alex 4 me

  52. christopher says:

    “even the clocks”

    If I was skimming a new album for something that sounded interesting, that’s the track I’d play.

  53. kwip says:

    Hey guys – saw you in Philly with Ben. You were fantastic! Bought your albums, enjoying them muchly. You had said you were still looking for a title for this song, but I didn’t get to catch you at the show. I’d like to suggest “Serendipity” for the song title. Thanks for the great show, keep up the great work!

  54. Pat says:

    Caught the show at the orpheum last night and have been trying to locate this song all day. First time I’ve heard you guys and now i’m a fan.

    To me, it reinforces that “timing is everything,” so that’s what I would name it. Good luck guys.

  55. Emalee says:

    “Sorry We’re Not Fallout Boy”

    me, my friend, and her brother came up with this when we saw you in Buffalo! haha

  56. Frank Ramsey says:

    Love reading all these old comments knowing the title
    finally became Bed 42. ❤

  57. bria says:


  58. Britnee says:

    I just went through a really rough break-up and my boyfriend moved out of our 1 bedroom apartment. Many things are different and it’s been hard to adjust to living without him here, but the one thing that hit me the other morning was when I was putting my clothes away and noticed how much closet space I had….. most girls would love that. But it was a snap back into reality. I didn’t push my clothes over to fill it up, I just left the space.

    So for whatever reason when I heard you perform this song live tonight in SLC all I could think of was “Closet Space” for a title.

  59. Ted Stickles says:

    “Bed For Two” – Keep it simple, catchy, different.

    Great song!

  60. Alyx says:

    “the off day”

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