Gerard Butler and Lady Danville…?

I just got off the phone with Gerard Butler (“This is Spartaaaaa!”).

The story goes like this. I switched to a Los Angeles cell phone number (da 310) about 7 years ago. The guy that used to have my current cell number is a well-known director by the name of Joe Carnahan. Well, for about 4 years, my phone rang off the hook with people trying to get a hold of Joe (you can imagine how many calls a day a successful Hollywood director gets)

I haven’t received as many calls recently, but low and behold, todayyyyy, as I’m walking through the UCLA Sculpture Garden, Gerard Butler calls! Of course I didn’t know it was him at first:

Me: “Listen buddy, Joe changed his number 7 and a half years ago.”

Gerard (in smooth Scottish accent): “Oh no man, sorry about that. I haven’t tried this number in years.”

Me: “That’s alright, just tell Joe that the guy with his old cell number is a musician, and he should put our music in his movies.”

Gerard: “Hahaha. Who is this?”

Me: “Matt Frankel. Joe doesn’t know me, but I always tell people that call this number to tell him about my music. Joe has never called, but hey, I’ll tell ya anyways. Who is this by the way?”

Gerard: “Gerard Butler”

Me: (holy crap) “Gerard Butler?! Hahahah”

Gerard: “Listen Matt, I’m really going to pass the word along. What’s the name of your band?”

Right as I’m telling him lady danv…the phone drops the call. As I’m contemplating walking my iPhone in to the local AT&T store and complaining about their temperamental 3g network, Gerard calls back!! …I couldn’t believe it.

Gerard: “Sorry Matt, I’m in the hills of Scotland, and the reception isn’t great. Anyways, you were telling me the name of your band.”

Me: “LADY DANVILLE!!!!!!!!” (i didn’t yell it, but I was really excited he called back)

Gerard: “What would be a good song on iTunes to show Joe for a movie we’re gonna do together? If anyone can influence Joe about the music in this movie it’s me 😉 (i think he winked at me over the phone right there, but I couldn’t tell)

Me: “Tired Magician. We’re in the studio recording more tracks now, but give that one a listen.”

Gerard: “Will do. And I’m changing your number in my phone from Joe Carnahan to Matt Frankel.”

Me: “Hahaha”

We continued to talk about music for a few minutes, finished chatting, then I saved his number in my phone. Ha

The phone call made my day, and even if Joe doesn’t put our music in his next movie, Gerard’s gonna hear Tired Magician, and it also led me to this amazing youtube video

In other news, met the guys from Miike Snow last night and they put me and Michael on the list for their Los Angeles show tonight. We saw them this year in Austin and they were great!

I leave you with one of our favorite Miike Snow songs, Silvia.


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24 thoughts on “Gerard Butler and Lady Danville…?

  1. Sol says:

    this is AWESOME!

    one: that you updated your blog.
    two: you’re at UCLA!
    three: that you spoke with Gerard Butler
    four: that GB is listening to “Tired Magician” right now (hey, it’s probably true). 🙂

    keep us posted on what develops and if GB calls again. or just post so we know where you are and what you’re up to.

  2. Catherine says:

    I must agree, this is a super awesome experience!!!

  3. Sarah says:

    I love Gerard Butler. I love Lady Danville. Putting the two together might make my heart explode…in a good way.

    This is the coolest thing I’ve heard in a while. Congrats, boys! I hope to be hearing you soon in a theater near me.


  4. Kim says:

    That is hilarious and awesome.

  5. Larissa says:

    Why do only creepers call my phone, instead of awesome movie stars?

    If your music ends up in a movie, I will be incredibly happy and shout in the middle of the theatre “THOSE GUYS ARE EPIC!”

    I’m hoping…

  6. Maria says:

    That’s too dame funny….. Omg I would of shit myself. Wow it’s such a small world! Gerard seems like a super cool dude. I would love to just sit an chat with him any day. Do you have a facebook or your band?

  7. Jimmy says:

    This is funny! Can’t believe what a small world it is!

  8. Lisa says:

    That is one fantastic story! Now every time I listen to Tired Magician I’m gonna be thinking about Gerard Butler cruising around Scotland and singing along with his windows rolled down.

    They do that in Scotland, right?

  9. mikayla says:

    So amazing!! SOO AMAZING.

  10. Roxanne says:

    Wow! I can’t believe it! Having a chat with Gerard Butler AND him listening to your music… that’s amazing! What a brilliant day.

  11. MissDebbieBlue says:

    Loved your music. Gerard Butler is wonderful and if he says he’ll help you…you can count on it. He’s totally amazing is sooo many ways! Good Luck!

  12. Christa says:

    Holy crap, that’s insane! This post made me really excited for you guys, haha.

  13. George Sand says:

    Great story! It’s a huge deal when an A lister shows that kind of interest. Good karma coming your way!

  14. pmvincent says:

    Love it!! Awesome the way things happen!!!

    btw- That is the funniest video ever, I will be laughing about that all day

  15. Tiffany says:

    Can we still be friends? Because your cool factor just exploded. I don’t know if I make the cut…

  16. Katie says:

    NO WAY, that’s ridiculous!!! I’m having trouble believing it because it’s so epic but that really is freaking awesome. I hope you and Gerard Butler become text message buddies and talk all the time. ;D

  17. Kim says:

    He truly is a good person. His honesty, humility and hilarity make him one gem of a guy.
    Nothing is a coincidence. He was meant to call you!

  18. Gerry'sSupernaturalGal says:

    Wow, that’s so awesome for you & your band!

    Will keep an eye & ear out for you in Gerry’s next film.

    Btw, can I have Gerard’s phone no. ? 😉

  19. Vicky says:

    Can I have your number? Can I have GB’s number?

  20. Vicky says:

    Can I have your number? Can I have GB’s number? 🙂

  21. Vicky says:

    I could just give you mine, and you can pass it along…*wink*….no, really…

  22. Stephanie says:

    This is SO cool. I’m totally jealous.

  23. Haerie says:

    Ahhhh no way that’s sooo cool! Yay for your songs maybe being in a movie!

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