tour blog: day 1

so we’ve embarked on our first terrestrial west coast tour. no more overweight/oversized baggage fees and online check-ins. no more flight delays and missing luggage. say hello to day-long drives and passing lanes. to one headlights and super troopers. oh yeah, and say hello to our bandmobile. while our band bank account might be running on empty, the bandvan has a full tank and we are full of good spirits as we begin our adventure up the pacific coast.

and we’re going to be a little bit better about maintaining this blog and will try to provide updates daily. this will serve the purpose of not only keeping everyone up to date with which plaid shirt matti is wearing (tour blog – style section) or what michael’s thoughts are on the motifs of the vhs films we watch (tour blog – film critic section), but it will also let everyone know (especially our moms) that we are ok and brushing our teeth (tour blog – mom, we’re ok section). so stay tuned and check in with us as we relay our favorite moments of the tour. you won’t be disappointed.

so for the first update. the wifi in the van works. playing mario cart and getting a mushroom speed burst does not make the actual van goes faster. so far the fox and the hound makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but something dark seems to be looming… and i don’t like it. ok. we’ve now stopped for food. whopper jr time. times 3. bye for now!


10:45pm, 2/28/10


2 thoughts on “tour blog: day 1

  1. Rondhi says:

    Have a great and safe trip, guys!

  2. Maw says:

    road trip aaaaahhhh!!

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