this week in pictures

this past week was an interesting one. the rain was fun during the week.  the sun came out to play over the weekend. the mood of the week started out cloudy with a hint of light showers. then the thunderstorms came and the mood went on high alert for mudslides and fender benders. towards the end of the week, the mood lightened up while the rain did not. as the sun came out over the weekend, the mood dried up but hopefully the rain comes back to say hi before leaving again.

this past week was an interesting one.

it consisted of…

wearing rain boots in preparation for the storm…

keeping my feet dry while standing in puddles…

jumping in puddles…

rehearsing with weirdos…

shopping for new glasses…

buying a new basketball hoop…

buying this shirt

tasting truffle salt at the Spice Station in Silverlake

and thinking of my 14 year-old golden retriever, Bailey.

him getting old makes me sad.

current mood: sad




2 thoughts on “this week in pictures

  1. Christa says:

    Oh my goodness, I’ve had that t-shirt on my ‘want’ list for a while!

  2. Kim says:

    I love your pictures, even if you are wearing skinny jeans with rainboots. So trendy, Dan. So trendy.

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