I’m a one man guy…

There is no doubt that I am a one man guy. Sure, when Loudon Wainwright III, Rufus Wainwright’s papa, wrote the song “One Man Guy,” he was talking about enjoying seclusion, being out of touch with people, and “being your own one and only.” Well, I definitely enjoy some alone time, but whenever I listen to this song it reminds of something, and SOMEONE, really different…and that’s my dog NINJA! He is kind of like the LD mascot 🙂 He has come to rehearsals, a couple outdoor shows, our recording sessions (TBD: if he will have a hidden bark track on our album. Think meow mix commercials). The only thing left is tour really!

Dan is his uncle and Michael actually named him. So I guess that makes him his godfather or something!

I threw together a little slideshow, and I’ll make sure to give you periodic updates on the little rascal. There are some pics of him as a puppy, as a full blown 3 yr old (I’m such a proud father. He’s no longer a teenager…it’s like sending your son off to college. Well, not really) and some of the two of us running a muck. Anyways, I’ll try to limit the doggie posts 😉 but it’s gonna be hard cause he’s da best!

Click below for a little slideshow of me and Nin.

That was the Rufus Wainwright version during the slideshow, here’s the Loudon Wainwright III version. Different but the same.


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9 thoughts on “I’m a one man guy…

  1. Kim says:

    Such an emotional little slideshow. Love that pupper!

  2. Michael G says:

    that’s pretty effing cute matteo. and i’ll tell you why i made that slide show… cuz i’m ninja’s godfather! thanks for representing.

  3. owen says:

    love that song by rufus wainwright, but wasn’t aware loudon wainwright sang it first- gorgeous dog- great video!

  4. Taylor says:

    You are gay for your dog. But he has a badass name.

  5. Devon says:

    Matti, your posts are the BEST!

    p.s. Are you going to bring him back to the office to say goodbye to us?

  6. Emma says:

    Hmm, one of these pictures is not like the others. :]
    too funny and very cute.

  7. Lisa says:

    My dog Lola hearts Lady Danville. And Ninja.

  8. D says:

    A true Ninja. Swiftly and silently stole my heart without me know it happened. I see doggie dates in the future!

  9. Josie says:

    I Love This ! i love my dog more than almost anything.. glad others feel the same about their pets 🙂

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