stay off the streets…join the LD Sidewalk Team!

Hi guys,

Wanted to share something that our great friend and fan, Christa Harmon, emailed us today. Christa is from Lexington Park, MD, and found out about us through one of our favorite webisodes,  I believe she was watching Spring Break #1 (“Sophie Roux” is featured at the end that episode 🙂 ), when she sent over a facebook message, introducing herself and letting us know that she wanted to help the band in any way she could.  She has continued to impress us with her constant support of our music and involvement in lady danville.  Just wanted to share something she just did for us.  Click on the individual images to see the lyrics!:

Christa is part of the Lady Danville Sidewalk Team (our “sidewalk team” is much like other bands “street teams”).  The Lady Danville Sidewalk Team will be more fun than most street teams though 😉  We’re gonna have “lady danville sidewalk team” t-shirts and all members will get a lifetime supply of sidewalk chalk!  We will eventually have a website for sidewalk team members where your picture will be posted and we’ll have a forum to all interact with each other! Also, we will create a structured way of how you can get involved. After all, we’re not all as computer/tech savvy as Christa (it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to embed those lyric posters in to this blog), so we could use your help in other ways!  Whether it be spreading the word in your hometown about lady danville, helping sell merchandise when we are on tour, we could always use the extra support (maybe just an occasional hug! Yes, I just thought of a new position: ‘lady danville sidewalk team hugger’).

Even though we’re in the early stages of launching the Official Lady Danville Sidewalk Team, we just wanted to start spreading the word and give you the opportunity to sign up now! So whether you live in L.A., Paris or Oshawa, get involved!

STAY OFF THE STREETS…Join the official Lady Danville Sidewalk Team!

Make sure to check off Sidewalk Team when you signup 🙂



P.S. Meet Devin, the prez of the Lady Danville Sidewalk Team!

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5 thoughts on “stay off the streets…join the LD Sidewalk Team!

  1. Kim says:

    I love the Sidewalk team idea 🙂

  2. D says:

    I’m not a risk taker so the side walk seems pretty comfortable to me. Thanks for keeping the safety of your fans in mind. 😉

  3. Katie says:

    That’s my sister! I introduced her to Dorm Life soooo you’re welcome. ;P

  4. Brittany says:

    The Anthem print is my favorite. Totally want one!

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