Hungry? Grab a Luna

Unlike Mike and Dan, I try to eat a bit healthier.  That was me in the back seat ordering a side of mandarin oranges at a fast food joint in “LD Tip of the Day: How to eat well on the road… kinda” (…It took a lot to admit that)

Call me a girl, but my breakfast every day at work is a Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar (“the whole nutrition bar for women”). A man needs his calcium and folic acid too…What? It tastes good!


PS. last night after we played a private show and afterward I ate some BK. Those two are a bad influence on me.

“As women we know the way we eat makes a difference in how we feel. Food feeds our souls, lifts our spirits, nourishes and sustains us. So, why does finding the right thing to eat sometimes seem so complicated? With 70% organic ingredients, vitamins to meet the special needs of our bodies and flavors we love, Luna makes finding nourishment a bit simpler.” -The Women of Luna

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10 thoughts on “Hungry? Grab a Luna

  1. Christa says:

    I love mandarin oranges! I wondered who was ordering those, haha.

  2. Kim says:

    I love that you’re eating Luna bars. They are tasty! Have you tried the peanut butter chocolate?

  3. Devon says:

    My favorite part of this post is that you took the picture while in the office. Must be some important e-mails you’re working on there… 😉

  4. Lisa says:

    those are so unhealthy!

  5. .demilo. says:

    peanut butter chocolate is definitely the best. and yes, they’re pretty sugary, but better than pancakes! 🙂

  6. Di says:

    A cup of coffee and a piece of fruit is my daily AM intake. I like how you eat Luna bars and K eats Clif. No gender boundries here!

  7. I used to eat Luna, but now it’s clif. I especially like the new white chocolate macadamia — like eating a cookie for breakfast. Totally decadent. Try one the next TJ’s trip — you might become a convert!

    Peanut Toffee buzz is also very good.

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