Halloween is over :(

One of my favorite holidays of the year is over.  So on November 1st, we decided to go out and dress up like giant bats and scare people!

…just kidding, it’s not us, but worth posting as my first blog video!!  hello bloggy blog

Feel free to comment back and embed your favorite Halloween pictures (or just a link to a picture of you and your friends in costume).  I wanna see what ya’all looked like this year!  Even if you read this in March, still post your pics.  We all know your best friend posted 67 pictures on facebook of you gettin’ down in your costume, so go get ’em!  I’ll start with pictures of me, Mike, Dan and some other friends from this year…please note the two-headed llama…



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15 thoughts on “Halloween is over :(

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh if I was only able to dig out some photos of Matthew Frankel circa 1997 Halloween. Why didn’t we have digital cameras back then? The scanner may have to be back in action.

  2. Kim says:

    Will it work if I put the picture in like this? Not sure if this will embed it into the comment…or how I might do that…but here’s one of me as Will and Will as “The Dude” (from The Big Lebowski).

  3. Devon says:

    You guys all looked pretty spooktacular.

    Just for Matt, here’s a link to Spock and a taco:

    “Live long and prosper.”

  4. Diana says:

    I will follow and comment on your musings religiously. That is, when you remind me to check it at the office.

    Thanks for the monitor switcheroo!!! Your face looks so much bigger on this screen.

  5. Stephanie says:

    A couple of awesome Halloween costumes!

    Wall-E and Eve! (aka: boyfriend + me. the boyfriend won two costume contest for that masterpiece. all homemade!)

    zombie Hannah Montana & zebra (complete with zebra print snuggie!)

    scariest costume goes to this girl…

    she walked slowly down 6th Street in Austin, TX in the creepiest way possible.

    and coolest costume of the night goes to this girl…

    a loofa!

  6. Autrey says:

    Haha Miss you guys!!!!! Halloween was Amazing this year!!!! I was an eskimo…unfortunately the coscostume was not very warm haha I hope this link works haha

  7. ladydanville says:

    Hi guys!
    Thanks so much for your comments 🙂 We’re really excited about this new blog and definitely can’t wait to keep writing.
    Just so you know, the best way to post your pictures as comments (so everyone else can see ’em) is this:
    1) Right click on your photo (whether it’s on facebook or another website)
    2) Click on Copy Image URL or Copy Image Location
    3) Paste something that will look like this!

    btw, the above is from a photoshoot we had for myspace. After our uniform pictures, we all dressed up in “school stereotypes.” Michael was the jock, dan the nerd, and I was a greaser. I don’t think the greaser shots will ever make it on the promo list…a little risque with the LD tattoo, smoking and all. but appropriate for the blooooog. muahahaha

  8. Kim says:

    Wow, Matti. That picture is hardcore.

  9. laura says:

    more lumberjacks!

  10. Mikayla says:

    So, I can’t find a photo from this year — but last year was epic at work so I’ll post that. We had a blast. 🙂

  11. Kate says:

    My Roommate is the Gypsy, Our friend Nick is Mike Tyson, And I’m the Cowgirl.

    Again, Gypsy, Cowgirl (me), Dirty School Girl, and A combat man I believe? I kept calling him a ninja, and was corrected all evening long. Hah.

    Love the costumes though!

  12. Lizz says:

    So cal bros! for more info see flatbiller.com

  13. dolly says:

    loving the llama outfit xx where you guys get it xx me and my sis are looking for a push me pull me outfit for a charity thing we are doing xxx

  14. My grand father constantly used to watch YouTube comical video clips, hehehehehe, since he needs to be glad always.

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