advil personified

i used to get a lot of headaches when i was a kid. at the age of 8, as the other kids played outside, i’d be confined inside with a pillow wrapped around my head and a lump in my throat from the aspirin that i could not swallow. and while the other kids perfected their strategies in capture the flag, i was left with a bitter taste in my mouth… probably from the advil losing its sugar-coated goodness while loitering in the back of my throat.  after years of the same pounding on my temples, in an attempt to distract myself from the pain, i began crafting a plot line that shed light on the battle ensuing in my head. a plot line worthy of at least an oscar nod. and it was then, at the double-digit age of ten, when i decided that i’d one day author a children’s illustrated book that explains what happens when you have a headache. while the book remains unwritten today, it is still an ambition that i hope one day to check off of my “things you’ve wanted to do since you were ten” list. two things  remain on the aforementioned list that i’ve yet to do. write this book and kiss sally stevens. sigh.

while i will not divulge the complete contents of this future scholastic novel, i will however provide a brief synopsis. it is as follows.

setting: inside my 8 year-old head. this picture may or may not be me.

the protaganists: this is advil personified.

the antagonists: whatever causes headaches. as a kid, i never did put a face to the pain that transpired in my head. so for this section, i just googled “i hate headaches” and got this image.

the dramatic ending: let’s just say it involves multiple escape pods meant as a metaphor for going number 2. these escape pods are used by the antagonists during their retreat and ultimate defeat. needless to say, i’d always find my way to the bathroom in the waning hours of my headache…

and thus ends my soon to be written and published  chiildren’s book titled, “advil personified: what happens when you have a headache.” pre-order your copy today.

so how does it all relate? why tease you with my eventual nyt best-seller? well, at the end of this blog, i’ve attached a song that lady danville has been working on. i began writing it at a time when my girlfriend was in bed with a nasty headache which left me feeling helpless as i tried attempt after attempt to alleviate her pain.  my desire to rid her of the pain was so great that i would have worn it myself, given the chance.  but in the end, all i could do was just be there for her. nothing else. to just be there was comfort enough. and that is what this song is about. just being there for the person you love when there’s nothing else you can do.

moral of the story. headaches suck.


p.s. this track is a complete experiment. i decided to introduce myself to mr. garageband the other night and this is what happened.

“Monet” by lady danville

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13 thoughts on “advil personified

  1. Kim says:

    How did I not know you guys had a blog? Now I’m all subscribed, so I can stay up to date.

    Much love for the new song.

  2. doibachi says:

    do you think that playing guitar while your girlfriend had a headache made it worse for her?

  3. love what you did with Alex’s song, Dan! Yay for lady d blog 🙂

  4. Christa says:

    I really love this song.

  5. Lisa says:

    My headache and I are really enjoying this post. Thanks, Dan!

  6. Miranda says:

    I have the luckiest sister

  7. Sarah says:

    That song is lovely.

  8. Gabi says:

    Dan, I think I might even like you better than Simon and Garfunkel– it’s close. This song is beautiful, and so are you and Alex.

  9. Cat says:

    i love the new song. it’s very beautiful. :]

  10. steph says:

    the new song is precious and beautiful. i love it. ❤

    moar songs! 🙂

  11. Acacia says:

    wow, that was beautiful!

  12. Your blog is amazing! ❤ "Monet"!!!!

  13. H., says:

    The song is great, but you might want to give Excedrin a shot before dedicating the entire book to Advil.

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